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Consultation Trans"Formation" Session

Schedule your Free Trans"Formation" Session today. During this call together we will design a tailor-made plan for your development and transformation. We will get a chance to see meet and discover the details between where you are now and what you need in order to reach your goals towards empowerment. Schedule today.

$50.00 /FREE

Click below to have access to "Loving Me While Loving Him...and Them." This webinar will start you on your fantasic journey towards healing your relationship God's Way. Learn the 3 step blueprint that will revive your relationship by confronting pain, resolving issues, renewing the romance and reestablishing committment. 

$150.00/FREE (for a limited time)

Individual Trans"FORMATION" Session

These are one on one coaching sessions done online (done visually or via telephone. It can also be locally done if you live in the Durham, NC area). We will discuss your goals and design a plan that will support you in overcoming obstacles and hindrances that stop you from achieving your dreams. Sign up today and let's get started towards obtaining your dreams!

** There are limited spots available. Before signing up, all clients must sign up for a free consultation first. If you have, click below for payment details 

$150.00 value/Clients only


This 4 week program empowers your core, which is your spirit. This curriculum will strenthen your connection to God, His Love and His Word. Your prayer life will be revived and filled with power. Your walk with God will become quickened and matured and able to direct your life into the destiny God has designed for you.

SOUL DISCOVERY: Relating to You

This 4 week program is all about discovering or rediscovering YOU. This curriculum teaches you about pinpointing your own emotions, pain and desires and giving voice to it. We dive into your strengths and weaknesses in such away that will uncover your own beauty, uniqueness, signficance and purpose.  

Relating to Mr. Right when He's Wrong

This 4 week program will give you what you need to correct issues and struggles within your relationship God's way. Learn how to give and receive love, mercy and forgivenes while being grounded within your own power and worth. 

"Trinity Transformation" Program

"The only one on one Premium Christian Transformative program that will cause you to discover and ignite the Power of God that lives within you through empowering your spirit, soul and body."

** There are limited spots available. Before signing up, all clients must sign up for a free consultation first. If you have and ready to purchase click the red button "I am ready to begin my transformation."

"Beloved, I wish above all that YOU may prosper AND be in good health, even as your soul prospers! "(3John 2)

Let me show you how to make this....your reality. Call today!