"Trinity Transformation" Coaching Program

"The best and only transformative course that empowers the spirit, soul and body with one on one coaching and support to lead you to success! "


  • Desire to fix your relationships...permanently 
  • Sick of being alone, or feeling lonely within your relationship
  • Fed up with the stress, tension, draining and/or silence that is coming from your relationship
  • Want MORE ROMANCE and feel more of a connection with your spouse.
  • Desire to have a fulfilling and thriving relationship with your spouse or boyfriend.
  • Want to resolve lingering issues, conflict and/or fears in your relationship
  • Want better mental, emotional, physical health
  • Want peace and a practical solution to your problems  


Awesome! Well, to get there you need to:

  • Utilize the power that Lives within you Now to change the flow of your relationship
  • Find fulfillment
  • Use genuine skill sets that will lead you to peace within your relationships...
  • Align your expectations with God’s word  


NO Matter if:

  •  You’re a seasoned Christian, a brand new Christian or don’t know where you stand in your relationship with God
  •  You feel disconnected, lost, or hurt by past experiences and left without support in moving forward  
  •   You”re struggling, have goals or just want more out of life but don’t know how to get there  

What you’ll get out of this 6 week transformative program

Let me introduce myself...

I am Jennifer Suggs, your Holistic Christian Life Coach who is also a minister, mentor, musician and educator with a Master’s degree in Education. I empower women to authentically connect to and actualize the Power of God within that will ignite transformation and propel them into a fulfilled life of abundance. The greatest joy in life is to know the Love of God and allowing His Power to become your power to live a passionate, purposeful, authentic and abundant life that God promises for you! Not only do I help other reach this goal, I have had to travel this road myself, by myself, without a road map or confirmation. I have always been a passionate person and very curious. I alway wanted to know the truth and purpose behind everything. I was raised in the church and had obtained an understanding of God at a very early age, but as I grew up, dare I say it,.....IT WASN’T ENOUGH. So I would cry out to God and ask him what was wrong with me? Church should be fulfilling, right? Only knowing of God wasn’t enough, so I began to seek happiness in other godly things. I wholeheartedly dedicated myself to the church. I played instruments, I wrote songs, I sung and directed the music department. I wrote and directed plays. I created dances and taught Sunday School. I served in any capacity possible and dare I say it.....IT WASN’T ENOUGH. So I did what I knew to do and cried out to God again....what is wrong with me? Everyone else seems content so it has to be me...right? So this time, I pursued contentment in my friendships and relationships. I dove head first into hobbies and even attended seminars to develop more of talents and skills. I discovered more of my soul and more of my uniqueness....and dare I say it....IT WASN’T ENOUGH. 

So.....where was my joy? my peace?

So what did I do? I cried out to God again....what’s wrong with me? I’m not fulfilled nor happy and I seem to be the only one. So I tried again. I began to live a healthier lifestyle for my body. I ate better, got into better shape, lost weight and embraced health and fitness as a way of life. Dare I say it....it still WASN’T ENOUGH. Here....at this place....I was all out of suggestions. I had come to the end of myself! I had “tried” everything I knew. I tried service, obedience, arts, hobbies, friendships, eating better, taking care of my body and where was my joy? Where was my peace? This time I cried out to God alone! I had no answers and I was tired! I was tired of seeking and coming up empty. Here.... At that moment.....in a place where I felt totally alone with no way out......God’s love came raining down upon me and my life was never the same! God began to teach me an show me (Jeremiah 33:3) how to just receive and not strive against Him. He began to restore my soul and cause me to embrace the abundant life that He had for me the whole time(John 10:10)! This program is borne out of those years of struggle, heartache, confusion, and seeking!

This is why I do it! I know what it’s like to feel powerless to go after a fulfilling and authentic life. I know what it’s like to live a life less than what you were created for. I know what it’s like to be blessed and still waking up in the middle of the night and cry from the pain of unhappiness, insignificance and helplessness. I know what it feels like to do all you know to do and it still isn’t enough to fill any void in your life. But....... I also know what it is like to have your prayers answered!! I know what it is like to live a life of abundance and favor, love, an power! I know what it feels like to Be fulfilled and at peace instead of chasing fulfillment and peace. I know what it is to experience joy and have a relationship with God that is alive and is the Source of living an empowered life (Deuteronomy 33:25). I know He hears me, intimately knows my every pain and I have confidence that He answers, guides, keeps me and most important of all, Loves me. As a result, I know longer live an inauthentic, helpless, insignificant, purposeless life. My relationships are healthy and supports me living my best life, and my choices and boundaries are in line with my highest good!

In my coaching program, Trinity Transformation, I walk with you through your journey of empowerment towards abundance and fulfillment. From the inside out, my one on one program will give you the skills needed to build your spirit, empower your soul and honor your temple, which is your body, so that the power you receive from God will not be blocked in any area. Your outward life will shine because your inward life will be in line with God’s love and life as it flows to you and through you. Alone this journey can be scary, discouraging and feel very uncertain, but as your coach, I will help guide you, empower you and through this process that is sure to transform and propel you into a more Power”FULL” Living and give you passion and power for a greater tomorrow!  

If you are ready to be transformed by the Love of God. If you’re hungry to experience a sense of fulfillment and purpose. If you’re ready to say goodbye to a mundane life that’s stuck in lifeless routines THEN THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU!  

  • I TEACH MINDSET I will teach you how to shift your perspective in a way that will support an abundant life. This shift is necessary in order to sustain your newly empowered life! I will equip you with everything you need to support your transformation.
  • I EMPOWER We will have one on one tailored-made coaching sessions that are specific to your relationship with God and where you are. This will give you the space and support needed for your own healing and transformation  
  • I WILL BE YOUR SUPPORT During this program, I am your biggest supporter and confidante. I will be with you to guide you through the bumps in the road and through prayer, meditations, and affirmations I will be there to reaffirm your steps towards a empowered living. 
  • I WILL LISTEN TO YOU This is not a do it yourself program! It will be very important for you to participate in your own transformation. I will be there to listen and pray with you throughout this journey. Your speaking about your progress will be very important and I will be there to listen, guide, affirm and develop you as you grow.  
  • I WILL TEACH YOU NEW SET OF SKILLS Not only will this program give you what you need to be transformed, but I will also give you the skills you will need in order to support your transformation so that you sustain your transformation and live an empowered life even after the program is over.  


Trinity Transformation is not just your typical coaching program. It will give you the tools you need to: Discover how the spirit, soul, and body works together to bring you into a fulfilling and authentic life Learn how to use your pain as fuel and your dissatisfaction to lead you to purpose Conquer any and all obstacles that prevent the flow of power into your life so you can reach abundance.  


  • Freedom from a state of hopelessness and courage to embrace your own uniqueness
  • A new set of skills that are used to nurture your spirit, soul and body.
  • A transformative experience that will change your entire life and relationships
  • Self awareness, boundaries self love, and Christian principles that support your you living your best life.
  • Perspective shift that will change your attitude and outlook on what is promised to you by God.
  • A refreshing sense of love for your uniqueness that nurtures and not hinders growth.
  • Renewed energy to live and prosper
  • An understanding of how God’s love transforms and delivers in every situation.
  • More love, power, passion, joy and peace in your daily life.
  • A stronger connection and communication with God
  • The courage to make authentic and nurturing choices that will sustain your peace and joy.
  • Greater confidence in your prayer life and receiving from God.
  • Stronger and healthier body
  • Relationships RESTORED
  • And much much more!!  

I know that each woman I work with arrives with her own unique story and background. I will meet you where you are and take the time to get to know you so we can create a tailor-made experience just for you. Together we will work through:  

Coaching Program: "TRINITY TRANSFORMATION" Reviving Damaged Relationships, From the Inside Out  

Results: Restored relationships. Living authentically, through an empowered heart, soul, spirit and body. Scripture reference for this course: “BELOVED, I wish ABOVE ALL things that YOU may prosper AND be in HEALTH, even as YOUR SOUL PROSPERS" "Except the LORD Builds the house, they laborin vain that build it." 


SECTION I: Relating to God: Your spirit/Your Core  

Module I: Your Perspective About You Here we will explore and define your core values and beliefs that affect your future. “How do you see yourself?” “Do you say harmful or helpful things about yourself throughout the day?”  

Module II: God's Perspective About You Here we will explore and understand what God says about you. What is God's perspective about you? Your life? How does God see you? How does God feel about you?  

Module III: Out with the Old and In with the New/Affirmations Here we will replace old mindsets, views, habits, and thoughts with God's power unchanging Word about you. And now I choose to believe.......  

Module IV: What else does God say about Me? What about my happiness, my uniqueness, my weaknesses, my friendships?  

SECTION II: Relating to Self: Your Soul/Know Thyself  

Module I: Self-Awareness Discover thoughts that build you and thoughts that tear you down. Discover and embrace your authentic emotions and feelings about yourself and the life you are living. Here we will learn how to identify and manage your own inner turmoil that blocks your power.  

Module II: Self Acceptance/ Self Love Learning to become your own best friend and accepting who you are, where you are without shame, anger, or guilt. Here we will discover and implement tools that will develop self love and self care for your soul and spirit.  

Module III: Self Esteem/ Self Empowerment Learning to apply self love and connecting it to how it makes you feel about you. Here we will learn how to grow in our self esteem and learn the skills that open us up for a flow of power into our soul.  

Module IV: God's Love and Your self Love = Power and Passion/Affirmations Consider your love for yourself.....How do you see yourself now? Discover how to receive God's extravagant love with obstacles and without blockages. Here we will learn how to exchange our weaknesses for His strengths.  


{*FREE BONUS* Your Body: Healthy Habits for your New Temple  

Module I: What is food to you? Becoming aware of your eating choices. (*Write down EVERYTHING you eat and if anything compelled you to do so...outside of hunger) Do you eat for comfort and pleasure or for health and fuel? Here we will connect self love to your eating habits and fitness routines. (Be sure to Consult your Doctor before implementing changes to your diet and exercise)  

Module II: Fuel for the Temple Here we will make 1 or 2 small changes for the week ( I will offer 4 diff. Plans my client could choose) * Write down which plan you choose......and record what you actually do throughout the week. Was it difficult? What adjustments need to be made  

Module III: Temple fitness What is your current level of fitness? Here we will implement 1 or 2 small changes for the week. ( I will offer a few different plans for my client to choose from). Key here is consistency.  

Module IV: The 3 A's: Analysis, Adjustments and Affirmations How did these changes affect your life? Did your self love increase? Was your connection to self stronger? Daily Affirmations and prayer for power to maintain a healthier body }  

SECTION III: Relating to Your Spouse: Creating What You Want 

Module I: Different Languages of Love What is your and your spouse's primary language of love? How to speak your spouse's language AND how to receive and feel how your spouse gives his love. How to authentically nurture and grow the love you share.

Module II: Boundaries eloved....above all Prosper What are fair expectations? What should you accept? What should you speak on? Giving and receiving Forgiveness and Mercy.  

Module III: Bringing it all Together Shifting what you had. Sparking meaningful, planned and unplanned romance and quality intimacy. Embracing God's promise to you.  

Module IV: Adjustments: What to do when it's just a “bad day?” Here we will identify tools that will help you bounce back. You will establish a good support system and quickly apply self nurturing skills.  

*BONUS* Affirmations: Affirmations, declarations and prayer to Be Empowered and Live a Power”FULL” Life with a revived and restored relationship.  


  • Unlimited Access to all the course content and any future updates to my exclusive membership site.
  • Your “Transformation Session” with direct access to me each week throughout the entire course and added opportunities for additional sessions if needed.
  • Access to an intimate facebook community (“PowerFILLED” Believers) that will help nurture and feed you during your healing process.
  • Training curriculum/guides and downloads
  • Supportive Reading lists to supplement your growth. 
  • Over $750.00 worth of Free Bonus Material. 


What are you waiting for? This step by step game plan is only for women who are serious about living a purposeful, and authentic life and facing each day equipped and empowered for the abundant and prosperous life that belongs to you. I’ve worked with many others and with personal experience I can and will equip you with what you need to live your best life!  


  • You want to save and restore your relationship God's way
  • You are fed up with living a life that pleases EVERYONE but you?
  • You draw back from voicing your pain or desires hoping to keep the peace?
  • You want to discover the Power you possess and courageously live the life you were called to live
  • You feel like the harder you work, the worse your relationship gets
  • You are drained from trying to keep your relationships afloat?
  • You want to live in the manifestations of God’s promises for you
  • You desire an active and powerful prayer life
  • You long to make your relationship a safe place
  • You want the romance, intimacy and quality connection back
  • You cannot ignore your inner voice pushing you towards a greater future  
  •  You feel lonely, neglected, ignored, or that you have no support


You are NOT ready for POWER”FULL” Living if:

  • You enjoy feeling powerless, hopeless and more like a victim instead of victorious
  • You want to remain passive about the dissatisfaction in your life
  • You believe everything should be handed to you with little or no effort or energy
  • You’re not open for change or transformation
  • You have no desire for more out of life.  



I invite you to a free Transformation Session Consultation. Here we will get to talk about the details of what you need and see if we would be compatible for the transformative work we will do together. 

Reserve your spot today by clicking on the button below so you can be on your way to living your best life, full of passion, and power and empowered for a better tomorrow!  


"Working with Jennifer changed my life exponentially. With every coaching session I was able to take something from it and make it a new action in my life" M.C.

"The support that Power "FULL" Living provided me were essential in navigating through the obstacles in my life. Jennifer is authentic, concerned, knowledgeable and dedicated. The biblical strategies she uses in providing holistic health ensured my success in living an empowered and fulfilled life." W.C.